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Pressure/Vacuum Diaphragm Valve deflagration and endurance burning-proof
The PROTEGO® UB/SF diaphragm valve is the only deflagration-proof and endurance burning-proof valve of its kind in the world. It is a highly developed combined pressure and vacuum valve with dynamic and static flame arrester. It is primarily used as a device for flame transmission-proof in-breathing and out-breathing on tanks, containers, and process equipment. The valve provides reliable protection against overpressure and vacuum, prevents the in-breathing of air and product losses almost up to the set pressure, and protects against atmospheric deflagration and endurance burning if stabilized burning occurs. The PROTEGO® UB/SF diaphragm valve has proven itself over many years under a wide variety of operating conditions in the mineral oil and chemical industries. Worldwide, it is the only vent which works reliably with problem products such as Styrene or Acrylates.

The set pressure is adjusted with a freeze resistant water-glycol mixture which ensures safe operation under extreme cold weather conditions. The PROTEGO® UB/SF valve is available for substances from explosion group IIB3. When the pressure in the tank reaches the set pressure, the diaphragm (1) on the outer valve seat ring (2) is lifted and vapors are released into environment. The set pressure is adjusted by weight of the liquid load (water-glycol mixture) in the outer ring chamber (3). The overpressure chamber is equipped with an opening (4) to keep the pressure in balance. The opening is equipped with a FLAMEFILTER® to prevent flame transmission into the overpressure chamber. If a vacuum builds up in the tank, it is transferred to the vacuum chamber (5) (inner chamber) through pressure balancing tubes. If the set vacuum is reached, the atmospheric pressure lifts the diaphragm of the inner valve seat ring (6), resulting in ventilation of the tank. Both the overpressure and underpressure are adjusted via the filling level of the load liquid in the various chambers and can be checked by floating level indicators (7).

The tank pressure is maintained up to the set pressure with a tightness that is above the normal standards due to our highly developed manufacturing technology. This is achieved by the liquid loaded diaphragm pressing tightly around the special designed valve seat surface area even when the operating pressure increases, which reduces surface pressure and unnecessary leakage. After the overpressure is released, the valve re-seats and provides a tight seal.

If the set pressure is exceeded, explosive gas/product vapor/air mixtures are released into the atmosphere. The speed at which these mixtures exit the annular gap between the diaphragm and the outer valve seat ring is considerably greater than the flame speed. If this mixture ignites, flashback into the tank is prevented. If the mixture flow continues, the dynamic flame arresting feature prevents a flashback, even in the case of endurance burning. Even at relatively low flow rates, e.g., during thermal out-breathing, the gap formed by the volumetric flow is so narrow, that flames in the gap are extinguished and a flashback is prevented. At very low pressure settings, the explosion pressures resulting from an atmospheric deflagration may be strong enough to lift the diaphragm off the valve seat rings. The ignition into the tank can be prevented by installing the PROTEGO® flame arrester unit (8). This PROTEGO® flame arrester unit provides additional protection against atmospheric deflagration when the valve is open for maintenance and inspection.

The valve can be used at an operating temperature of up to +60°C / 140°F and meets the requirements of European tank design standard EN 14015 (Appendix L) and ISO 28300 (API 2000)

Type-approved in accordance with the current ATEX Directive and EN ISO 16852, as well as other international standards.
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