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Αντιεκρηκτικά Ασύρματα Τηλέφωνα - ΑΝΤΙΕΚΡΗΚΤΙΚΟΣ ΕΞΟΠΛΙΣΜΟΣ

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Αντιεκρηκτικός Ασύρματος Πομποδέκτης ENTEL ΗΤ 982
HT912 - HT922 - HT982 - HT982 U
Αντιεκρηκτικός Εξοπλισμός - Ασύρματοι Πομποδέκτες

For those requiring an entry level marine portable, with a no compromise MIL–STD810 C/D/E/F build specification, the HT9X2 is the most cost effective solution. Utilising the latest intelligent Lithium–Ion battery technology with battery cycle count* the HT9X2 will even alert you to imminent battery life expiration. Part of the commercial grade HT Series 2.0 of marine portables and designed to endure the every day rigours of life at sea, with its exceptionally loud audio and IP68 submersibility, this portable is the choice of the fire & rescue services and major blue–chip petrochem organisations as well as shipping companies worldwide.

- HT912: VHF Mid / 66 - 88 MHz
- HT922: VHF High / 136 - 174 MHz
- HT982: UHF / 400 - 470 MHz
- HT982-U: UHF u band / 450 - 520 MHz
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Αντιεκρηκτικός Ασύρματος Πομποδέκτης ENTEL ΗΤ 982
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