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Ex Control Switch GHG 29
Explosionproof Material - Control Switch

The new GHG 29 control switch series features an easy-to-install and easy-to-connect design. This control switch can be implemented with up to 6 contacts and for 2 to 5 switch positions. Thus, practically all applications in modern control engineering can be covered. Contacts are protected against contact to VBG 4 and have a terminal cross section of up to 6 mm2 for the connection of single and multi-wire conductors. The rated current of the control switch at 500 V is 16 A. The external contours of the enclosure facilitate access to the connection terminals and thus allow easy installation. Further installation advantages result from the snap-on/snap-off switch contact block and measuring instrument.
A labyrinth seal in the cover guarantees the degree of protection IP66. The impact-resistant, glass-fibre-reinforced polyester enclosure material is a prerequisite for withstanding even the most rugged industrial operating conditions. The switch can be padlocked using the inte grated locking facility.
The locking position is indicated by a red pin. An interchangeable apparatus label and a neutral switch-position label are supplied with each switch.
With CEAG installation system, control switches can be installed with high cost-efficiency. The control switches are also available on request with snap-on metal or moulded-plastic flanges.
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Ex Control Switch GHG 29
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